Complications with physical gold

 In India, physical gold has been a longstanding tradition, and it is often seen as a safe investment during times of financial uncertainty. While many people may think of purchasing jewelry or a gold bar as a way to invest in gold, there are other factors to consider when evaluating gold’s worth as an investment. It is important to question whether the price of gold is justifiable, especially when considering it as a long-term investment. While physical gold may provide a sense of security during a financial downturn, it is crucial to assess whether it aligns with your overall financial goals and investment strategy. Working with a financial advisor can help you evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of investing in physical gold and make informed decisions about your investments.

  • Making charges involved in jewelry

Gold has always been an integral part of Indian culture, and it is common for people to purchase gold jewelry as a form of investment. However, it is essential to understand the cost implications of investing in gold jewelry. When purchasing gold jewelry, buyers must pay to make charges that can range from 3% to 25%, depending on the type of jewelry. Jewelers generally use 22 Karat quality gold when making jewelry, but when selling it, they do not consider the making charges or wastage. Furthermore, the resale value of gold jewelry is often lower than the purchase price, resulting in a loss for the investor. It is crucial to evaluate the pros and cons of investing in gold jewelry and consider other forms of investment that may better align with your financial goals. Working with a financial advisor can help you make informed decisions about your investments and ensure that you are maximizing your returns while minimizing your risk.

  • Storage & cost issues

Gold is undoubtedly a valuable asset that requires careful storage to ensure its safety. Storing gold physically entails the need for a secure space, such as lockers, vaults, or even a secure room in your home. However, it is crucial to note that theft is always a concern when it comes to storing physical gold. Gold is a highly sought-after commodity, and its high value makes it a target for theft. Investing in proper security measures, such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems, is essential to protect your gold. In addition, insuring your gold can provide you with peace of mind and financial protection in the event of theft or loss. Working with a financial advisor can also help you explore alternative forms of investment, such as gold exchange-traded funds or gold mutual funds, which do not require physical storage and provide added convenience and security.

  • Impurities

Investing in physical gold comes with the risk of fraud, as the purity of the gold cannot always be guaranteed. The authenticity of the gold depends on the credibility of the jeweler, which varies from place to place. This makes it difficult for investors to know if they are getting real gold or not, which is a major concern. Furthermore, there have been instances of gold frauds where people have been sold fake gold or gold mixed with other metals, further adding to the uncertainty of investing in physical gold.

Why does Digital Gold sound more promising?

In today’s digital age, the investment landscape has evolved significantly, and the same is true for gold investments. With the emergence of digital gold investments, individuals can now invest in gold conveniently and with ease. This new platform enables you to start your investment journey with just INR 100 a month and guarantees quality assurance. What’s more, you can access real-time market prices for both buying and selling gold. The best part about this form of investment is that it is backed directly by MMTC-PAMP India Pvt Ltd, a government gold manufacturer, and the gold will be kept in a secure vault on your behalf. So, you can invest with peace of mind, knowing that your investment is safe and secure.


One of the key advantages of digital gold is that it involves zero holding costs. Unlike physical gold, you do not need to worry about storing or securing it as your provider holds it for you in a secure vault while you hold it in your digital wallet.

  • Digital gold eliminates the fear of authenticity that is associated with physical gold. Since it represents 24k gold that is 99.99% pure, you can be assured of its quality.
  • Digital gold providers typically insure the gold that they hold on your behalf, which provides an additional layer of security.
  • Selling digital gold is easy and hassle-free, as it can be done online 24/7 at real-time prices. This makes it a convenient option for those who want to buy or sell gold quickly and easily

Conclusion – When considering investing in gold, it is important to understand the limitations of physical gold as a commodity. As a modern consumer, embracing the digitalization of gold is crucial. While physical gold may be effective for personal consumption, digital gold is the superior option for investment purposes. With digital gold, there are no concerns about purity, storage, or authenticity. Holding costs are eliminated, as it is held in a secure vault by the provider on your behalf. Additionally, most providers ensure digital gold, making it a worry-free investment. Selling digital gold is also hassle-free, with 24/7 access to real-time prices. Therefore, for those seeking a secure and convenient way to invest in gold, digital gold is the optimal choice.